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Excel spreadsheets for item and test analysis


WebClass calculates a number of test and item statistics automatically. In addition, test scores can be downloaded to Excel and analyzed using, for example, the following spreadsheets (partly based on Brown, J. D., & Hudson, T. (2002). Criterion-referenced Language Testing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press):

  1. Item analysis will calculate:
    • Item Facility (IF)
    • Cut-score indices
      • B-index
      • Item phi (φ)
      • Agreement statistic (A)
  2. Reliability/Dependability will calculate (among others):
    • Dependability of domain score estimates
      • the phi coefficient (Φ), using a shortcut formula for 0-1 tests
    • Squared-error loss agreement indices
      • phi lambda (Φλ), using a shortcut formula for 0-1 tests
      • kappa squared (κ2)


Generalizability Calculations

G-coefficients for one-facet crossed designs can be calculated here:


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