webclass - online testing WebClass

a quick how-to


1. Webclass as LMS

Webclass is an online, database-driven learning management system employing PHP/MySQL and JavaScript/AJAX technologies. It offers class registration, content creation, basic communication, and assessment. The platform can be used in distance education or in blended learning environments.

2. Administration

Administrative tools for teachers include class and student registration and management, learner activity logs and attendance grids, a file uploader, as well as content management and sharing. For learners, administration includes basic account settings, class switching, file uploading, and sharing edited documents.

3. Materials

On WebClass, teachers can create and share materials, and then make them available to either all or selected students in a class. Materials are created using a Javascript HTML editor. Besides basic text formatting, the editor allows for the insertion of hyperlinks, images, sound files, and PDF documents. A video can be added either by pasting an embed code, e.g. from YouTube, or by uploading a movie file and inserting it into the document. Flash files can be embedded in the same way, and since these can contain PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, crossword puzzles, and the like, the possibilities for enriching online documents with interactive elements are almost unlimited. Learners can also edit (and share) teacher-assigned documents.

4. Assessment

WebClass has a comprehensive testing component, which can assist teachers in developing high-quality classroom tests. Moreover, the possibility of providing feedback on students’ test performance makes it a useful tool for enhancing assessment for learning.